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Big Shots
WriterDustin Lee Abraham
DirectorJeff Woolnough
Original AirdateApril 5, 2007
Previous Episode: Empty Eyes
Next Episode: Lab Rats

Big Shots is the nineteenth episode in season seven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A friend of Drops is shot to death next to him in a limo. A young woman is killed after falling out of a car. The common denominator between the deaths: Aaron James, the brother of Demetrius James whom Greg hit with a car in self-defense.

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Catherine (to Hodges): Don't tell me you're tired of the field already.
Hodges: No, I had to catch up on my Perez Hilton.
Catherine: I take it you're not going to pull a Sanders, then?
Hodges: Let's see, clean friendly lab, bullet-strewn, urine-soaked street? That's a tough call.


  • When the team is together in the conference room talking about the evidence, the scar on Sara's face from the scratch in the previous episode "Empty Eyes" is still visible.

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