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WriterSteven Maeda,
Shane Brennan
DirectorDeran Serafian
Original AirdateNovember 24, 2003
Previous Episode: Big Brother
Next Episode: Extreme

Bait is the ninth episode in season two of CSI: Miami.


The remains of a woman is found in a shark and it is obvious that she was shot. The woman had a profession of being hired by women to hit on their husbands to test their fidelity.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

 Guest Cast Edit

  • Sofia Milos as Yelina Salas
  • Rex Linn as Frank Tripp
  • Brian Poth as Tyler Jenson
  • Rick Hoffman as Bruno Gomez
  • Alice Evans as Leslie Warner
  • Jack Gwaltney as Matthew Warner
  • Jason Brooks as Carl Purdue
  • Leslie Odom Jr. as Joseph Kayle
  • Melissa Lawner as Cindy Castiano
  • Timon Kyle Durrett as Durrett
  • Nathaniel Haywood as Officer
  • Jamie Millhoff as CSI Tech
  • Bill Birch as Jack

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