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Assume Nothing
Assume Nothing
WriterDanny Cannon,
Anthony E. Zuiker
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateSeptember 25, 2003

Assume Nothing is the first episode of the fourth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is the first part of a two-part story continuing in All For Our Country.


When a couple is murdered after meeting another couple in a bar, Grissom and his team suspect it is the work of a pair of serial killers, called The Klinefields. Nick jeopardizes the case when he gives an old friend some information on the case and it later turns up on the local news. However things go awry when a vigilante serial killer gives The Kilnefields his own personal sense of justice.


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Main Cast

(Credit order)

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

  • John Doman as Judge Slater
  • Rudolf Martin as Cameron Klinefeld
  • Brian Bloom as Kent Rifkin
  • Nichole Hiltz as Natasha Rifkin
  • John Kassir as Hotel Guest
  • Moon Bloodgood as Stripper
  • Josh Holloway as Kenny Richmond
  • Scott Alan Smith as Stuart Gardner
  • Michael Azria as California Kid
  • Lydia Blanco as Maid
  • Garcia-Hyde Sue-Ling as Alice Dominguez
  • Sandra Hess as Mandy Klinefeld
  • Jim Jenkins as Reporter #1
  • Brandon Kirsch as Officer Almada
  • Michael Lopez as Checco Dominguez
  • Maureen Muldoon as Reporter Lynda Darby
  • Breck Wilson as Fred Laggerman
  • Melanie H. Gassaway as Wendy Laggerman (uncredited)
  • Mikos Zavros as Valet (uncredited)

Featured Music

  • Breakbeat Suckers by Cirrus.
  • Dragon Lounge by Cirrus.
  • Truth or Dare by N.E.R.D.

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