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WriterEvan Dunsky
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateDecember 10, 2009
Previous Episode: Lover's Lanes
Next Episode: Better Off Dead

Appendicitement is the ninth episode in season ten of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A woman is found dead in the home of sickly real-estate mogul Bernard Higgins. He is initially considered a suspect until he drops dead during questioning. The autopsy reveals that he has a second, highly septic appendix inside him, suggesting that Dr. Jekyll is responsible. In the meantime, Nick, Greg and Hodges "kidnap" Henry to celebrate his birthday at a famous BBQ restaurant, but end up being stranded there along with a dead body and the owners.


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Nick Stokes (a car had swerved into the path of Nick while he was driving with Henry, Hodges and Greg causing Nick to wreck the car, subsequently flipping it several times before it comes to stop. Everyone gets out of the car and is staring at it): Damn, I rolled that bad boy, didn't I?


  • When Henry asks why he never heard of the Hog Heaven BBQ place, the camera cuts to a farther shot showing the car driving down the road and everyone still in the car still has their masks on, but everyone had taken them off earlier in the shot when they revealed themselves to Henry.

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