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In Forensic Profiling, an Angel of Death is a type of serial killer who murders terminally ill patients for various reasons. These killers are typically in the healthcare profession, and are, in most cases, female.


While most of these types of killers do so out of pure thrill, some believe they are doing the victim a service by putting them out of their misery (euthanasia). Others may do so for the purpose of identity theft. They may murder their victims in order to steal Social Security benefits, inheritances, household valuables, etc. Still others may do so out of revenge (being left out of the will for example).

Real-Life ExamplesEdit

On CSIEdit

On CSI: Crime scene Investigation, Dr. Raymond Langston is revealed to have worked alongside an Angel of Death, Dr. Michael Webb, who killed 27 patients by contaminating their IVs before killing himself the same way.

See AlsoEdit

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