And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None
WriterJosh Berman,
Eli Talbert,
Carol Mendelsohn
DirectorJohn Patterson
Original AirdateNovember 22, 2001

And Then There Were None is the ninth episode of the second season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Grissom, Warrick and Nick investigate when three men dressed as women rob a casino. Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara are sent to investigate a murder at a remote convenience store. They soon discover the two cases are related and more bodies start turning up.


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Main CastEdit

(Credit order)

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest StarEdit

  • Michael Cudlitz as Officer William Spencer
  • Tom O'Brien as Max Duncan
  • Brigid Brannagh as Tammy Felton
  • Larry Holden as Darin Hanson
  • Susan Gibney as Charlotte Meridian
  • Joe Sabatino as Security Officer
  • Marc Valera as Parking Valet
  • Chris Grillo as Fraternity Guy
  • Bobbie Norman as Elderly Woman
  • Keilana Smith as Dealer
  • Amy Weber as Cocktail Waitress

Episode TitleEdit

And Then There Were None is likely a reference to the Agatha Christie novel of the same name.

Major EventEdit

  • This is the second and last appearance of Brigid Brannagh and Larry Holden as Tammy Felton and Darin Hanson respectively.

Featured MusicEdit

  • We Luv You by Grand Theft Audio.

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