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All That Cremains
All That Cremains
WriterDustin Lee Abraham
DirectorJeffrey Hunt
Original AirdateFebruary 10, 2011
Previous Episode: The Two Mrs. Grissoms
Next Episode: Targets of Obsession

All That Cremains is the fourteenth episode in season eleven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


CSI investigates the discovery of a dead body with cremated remains in his mouth, and whose body parts were cut up and placed in thrift store boxes. Meanwhile, Langston's ex-wife comes to him with a surprise announcement.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews
  • Katee Sackhoff as Detective Frankie Reed
  • Larry M. Mitchell as Officer Mitchell
  • Christina Millian as Sydney Preston
  • Tracee Ellis Ross as Gloria Parkes
  • Madison Davenport as Camryn Pose
  • Sean O'Bryan as Reverend Rebetti
  • Ian Reed Kesler as Vince Trufant
  • Dean Norris as Phil Baker
  • Tamara Fernandez as Lanetta
  • Peter Smith as Ronald Pose
  • Loren Michelle Weis as Darla


  • At the opening of the episode we hear Willie Nelson singing "I Fall to Pieces" - a song made famous by Patsy Cline. Cline's most famous song, however, and the #1 jukebox hit of all time was "Crazy", written by a struggling songwriter who at the time was going by the name of Hugh Nelson aka Willie Nelson.

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