Aaron Jessop

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Minor Character: Miami
Name Aaron Jessop
Gender Male
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Status Deceased- killed by a hand grenade
Portrayed By Joel West

Aaron Jessop was a patrol officer, Jessop joined the force during Season 2 and his first appearance was in The Oath. While he thought like a cop, he also was able to think like a CSI. This was evident in "The Oath", where he was able to help Calleigh assess the crime scene and upped the charge and penalty.


Jessop was killed by a grenade explosion

Jessop was killed when he opened a cabinet rigged with a hand grenade booby trap at the scene of a Mala Noche shootout, leaving Horatio and the other CSIs distraught at his death. Alexx mentioned he was 27 years old.


  • Joel West who plays Jessop had previously appeared as Officer Ramirez in the Season 2 episode "Big Brother".

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