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A Little Murder
WriterNaren Shankar,
Ann Donahue
DirectorTucker Gates
Original AirdateOctober 17, 2002

A Little Murder is the fourth episode of the third season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Grissom, Sara and Nick suspect murder when the body of a dwarf is found hanging from a rope above the stage at a Little People's convention. Catherine and Warrick investigate a murder during a home invasion.


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Main CastEdit

(Credit order)

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Phil Fondacaro as Kevin Marcus
  • Meredith Eaton as Melanie Grace
  • Linden Ashby as Detective Drew Wolf
  • Kaarina Aufranc as Jessica Marcus
  • Michael Gilden as Lawrence Ames
  • Jack Galle as Dwayne Gallo
  • Andy Mackenzie as Teddy Henders


  • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Grissom is taking lip reading classes. He doesn't say it, but tells another student in sign language.


  • After Catherine is attacked in the house, she herself says, "I'm evidence." As a result, she couldn't have been allowed to participate further in the investigation.
  • If you look closely at the dead man's right eye after Catherine hangs up her cell phone, the cop speaks, and when it cuts back to her, if you look at the man's right eye, you can see him quickly blink.
  • When Michael Gilden (Lawrence Ames) is on the coroner's table, his chest rises even though he's dead.


Grissom: You know what's really sad? This wasn't just a murder. It was a hate crime. Kevin Marcus hated himself.

Nick (to Greg): How long for DNA?
Greg: Well, give me something to compare it to. Get me the fiancée's blood.
Nick: Well, I can't just give you her blood. That takes a court order.
Greg: I'm open 24 hours.

Catherine (to Warrick after she was attacked at a crime scene & fell into the victim's blood): Don't touch me, I'm evidence.

Warrick: Two guys break and enter and get into some kind of an altercation.
Catherine: One ends up killing the other.
David: And almost Catherine. That had to be scary, huh?
Catherine: I didn't have time to be scared, David.

Warrick (to Catherine): Cath? You all right? Don't let him get to you like that.
Catherine: I was scared and I still am. (Warrick puts his arms around her) Don't tell anyone, okay.

Guest StarsEdit

  • Phil Fondacaro as Kevin Marcus
  • Meredith Eaton as Melanie Grace
  • Danny Woodburn as Little Man in Wheelchair
  • Linden Ashby as Detective Drew Wolf
  • Kaarina Aufranc as Jessica Marcus
  • Michael Gilden as Lawrence Ames
  • Greg Dohanic as Young Man
  • Jack Galle as Dwayne Gallo
  • Matthew Lang as 1st Officer Clark
  • Andy Mackenzie as Teddy
  • Arlene Malinowski as Sign Language Student
  • Leann Bankowski as Melanie's Friend at the Bar (uncredited)

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