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A Bullet Runs Through It
Number7 and 8
WriterRichard Catalani and Carol Mendelsohn
DirectorDanny Cannon (part 1)
Kenneth Fink (part 2)
Original AirdateNovember 10, 2005 (part 1)
November 17, 2005 (part 2)
Previous Episode: Secrets and Flies
Next Episode: Dog Eat Dog

A Bullet Runs Through It was a two-part episode in Season Six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Part OneEdit

After a huge shootout between the LVPD and a gang of mobsters, the CSIs have to process hundreds of bullets in order to determine exactly what happened. Meanwhile, the LVPD faces harsh accusations from the locals when a young boy is found shot and severely injured.

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Part TwoEdit

With all the shooters dead, the LVPD continues investigating the events leading up to the shooting while the CSIs try to determine which one of the cops is responsible for the death of one of their own.

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  • Danilo Zamesca, the father of the boy who was shot, becomes a murder victim in Redrum.

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